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Project Description

West End Firewood. There is nothing like it. Seasoned. Kiln-Dried. Insect-Free. Quality packages. 12-way custom wood splitter. Hand-selected hardwood. Certified by USDA and MDAR.

There, there, little logs, I am here to help you. While I may not be able to dry you out, expel your bugs and mold, or change your negative log images, I can at least serve as an example of how a log should look. I was cut seven months ago from a strong hardwood, seasoned in a kiln, and packaged under USDA and MDAR approved labels. When my time to fuel the fire comes, I’ll burn evenly and slowly, sending sweet smoke and sparks to the heavens. All will see me and be in awe of such perfection in firewood processing. The rest of you shouldn’t feel down. West End Firewood has me in good company with Perfect Paul, Perfect Paulette, Perfect Pablo, Perfect….