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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I am paying by check, who do I make it out to?

Checks can be made out to: "West End Firewood". If you are expecting a delivery, the driver will pick it up.

Can I order firewood that is less than 16 inches long?

Unfortunately no. The way our processors and splitters are configured, it is not possible to cut firewood shorter, or longer than around 16 inches.

Can I pick up firewood directly from your location?

Absolutely! Customers are welcome to pick up firewood directly from our location during business hours. Come by anytime to pickup Air-Dried and Kiln-Dried firewood by the barrel. We just ask that you please call ahead if you're looking for larger quantities so we have them ready. The same goes if you are picking up your own cord wood.

How do you measure a "cord" of wood?

There are many terms to call/measure "Cord Wood". (i.e. 'Full', 'Face', 'Thrown', 'Rick', ) We measure our cord-wood deliveries as a “loose-thrown” cord (180 cu ft). [Normal stacked [face] cord wood is 128 cu ft.] Our delivery trucks are capable of carrying 2 loose-thrown cords (360 cu ft.). The trucks have a middle divider if customers are requesting 2 different types of firewood. A loose thrown cord should take up about 180 cubic feet (6.66 cubic yards or 5.1 cubic meters) of space as is. The idea is that, when stacked loosely**, the total volume would equal roughly 128 cubic feet (3.5 cubic meters), or the volume of a "full" or "face" cord. Note that the exact amount of solid wood in a cord will vary based on the size of each piece, but most cords of firewood average 85 cubic feet (2.4 cubic meters) of solid wood [no space]. The remaining volume is taken up by air. **WEF recommends stacking your wood loosely so that air can circulate between and keep it dry. NEVER stack tightly. If stacking against a wall, leave space for circulation.

Can your wood be used for an indoor wood stove?

Yes. We recommend using our seasoned Kiln-Dried firewood. It's certified heat treated, insect free and low-moisture. Many restaurants use our Kiln-Dried firewood for their wood-fired brick ovens, with excellent results. Many tell us it's the best firewood they have ever used.

Can I pick up a barrel of wood on a weekend?

Unfortunely no. The hours for barrel wood pick up are Monday-Friday, 7a-6p. If you happen to arrive before or after those times, there may be some covered barrels availble for you to pick-up outside. There is a secure drop-box at the entrance to deposit your payment. There are signs outside with a phone number to call if you arrive during business hours and no one is visibly available.

Do you deliver cord wood on weekends?

Unfortunately no. We deliver during weekdays only. You can place Barrel and Cordwood orders anytime 24/7.

Am I able to place a cord wood order for next day delivery?

Unfortunately no. Cord Wood orders take time to process and plan. Next day delivery is not possible. Sometime we are able to make deliveries if our drivers are going to be in the same general area to you. Our trucks hold 2 full cords of wood, and can be divided if customers are only ordering 1 cord each. We ask that if you order cord wood on a consistent basis, plan to order ahead of time - especially before the winter season is in full swing. How far ahead should you order? It all depends on your use. If you're starting to run low on firewood, place your order 1-3 weeks ahead of time. You can indicate on your order when you would "like" to receive your delivery. It helps us with planning, but more importantly, that you are in the order system. We will always call 1-2 days ahead of time so you know you rorder is coming and you can prepare to receive it.

Can I prepay so I don't have to be home during a delivery?

Yes. You can pay through the order form, call our office, or leave a check for the delivery driver.

Is it normal to get fragments and bark in a cord wood order?

It's normal to receive bark and fragments when our trucks dump the firewood. We have invested and installed a tumbling machine that will debark and minimize wood fragements and debris from Kiln-Dried and Air-Dried Cord Wood orders. This tumbling machine does not remove all debris, but produces cleaner firewood. Customers who have ordered with the new tumbler say "THEY LOVE IT"! Some customers like the bark and fragments and use it as kinlding to start their fires. If you don't want your cord wood order to be tumbled - just add it to your instructions on the order form. We've found that using the tumbler leaves room to add more firewood in our trucks. It's a Win / Win for you!

Can I store Air-Dried firewood indoors?

It's advised to store Air-Dried firewood outside, in a dry garage, shed, or contained area. Bring in air-dried wood in small amounts only as needed to add to a fire. Our Kiln-Dried firewood is okay to store indoors as it is certified "heat-treated" to kill all insects. As with all firewood, be sure to protect or cover from inclement weather or excessively damp environments.

Do you offer delivery of cord wood?

We do. Depending on where you live in relation to our facility, there may be a fee depending on distance, fuel, tolls, etc. You can determine the cost by entering your address on the cord-wood order page. Most local cord wood orders are free. Again - inquire on the order form to determine if there is a cost to your location.

I just want to make sure the wood I'm purchasing can be used this season.

All firewood that we sell (except Green cord wood) has been 2-stage seasoned and is ready for immediate use. This includes cord wood and barrels of firewood. There are 2 options for firewood: Kin-Dried and Air-Dried. If you buy our Green wood, you will have to season it yourself. We make Green wood available at a significantly reduced cost.

Do I need to be home during a cord wood delivery?

No. We just ask that you leave a marker (like an upside-down barrel, an orange cone, upside-down cart) in the location where you'd like us to drop off your firewood. If you don't plan on being there when we deliver your order you can either pay by phone or leave a check indicating the location of the check on your order.

Will you call before a cord wood delivery?

We will call you at least 1-3 days before you expect a delivery to confirm your order. We will also provide a time-frame. You do not need to be home during the delivery but you should place a marker for us to drop the wood. If you have large dogs, please be sure they are confined upon arrival. Our drivers love dogs, but some can be overly aggressive..

Do you deliver cord wood on a rainy day?

No, it would not be wise for us to do that. There are a number of factors why: 1.) the wood would become wet on the outside requiring additional drying time. 2.) The amount of firewood being delivered in our dump trucks adds a significant amount of weight that can create ruts in unpaved (dirt) driveways, grass or lawn areas. 3.) Our dump trucks could become stuck in unpaved areas especially if there are slopes. 4.) It's better to have the time to put away your cord wood