Summer Sale on Cordwood!

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Cord-wood - Summer Sale!

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Cord Wood

(Fact: West End Firewood has 4,500 cords of seasoned wood in stock.)

Welcome to the premier destination for top-quality Cord-Wood. We consistently receive glowing feedback from our customers month after month, with each delivery. Become a part of the West End Firewood family and discover why so many people are raving about us.

Whether you opt for premium seasoned kiln-dried wood or prefer green wood to season yourself, rest assured that you'll receive the finest 12-way split firewood, all cut to a consistent 16-inch length. West End Firewood offers varying thicknesses to ensure a long-lasting, cozy fire every time.

Since 1988, West End Firewood has perfected the process of producing high-quality firewood, ideal for home fireplaces, inserts, campfires, and as a heating and cooking source.

Our cordwood primarily consists of hardwood types such as Oak, Birch, and Maple.

Choose from the above options to find the type of cordwood that best suits your needs. • Seasoned Kiln-Dried • Seasoned Air-Dried • Seasoned Kiln-Dried Odds & Ends • Green

Stacking Cord Wood (Optional)

Many of our customers have asked if we offer firewood stacking service. We partner with local independent laborers who offer stacking services for your firewood. Here's how the process works: Once your order is confirmed, a representative not associated with WEF will contact you directly. They will coordinate a convenient time for stacking and furnish you with a quote based on the quantity ordered and the stacking location. (Please be aware this is not a service of WEF. You will pay the laborer directly.)

Deliveries must be accessible by dump truck and directed to a specific area designated by you. You are accountable for stacking the firewood upon delivery (unless you choose the independant stacking service). Please note that with dump truck delivery, there may be some bark or fragments present.

Introducing Our Wood Tumbler

Our innovative firewood TUMBLER effectively eliminates most bark and fragments from your order. Now available for both Kiln-Dried and Air-Dried Loose Thrown Cord-Wood (180 cu ft)! Witness its remarkable performance in action! (Not available for Green or Odds & Ends Cordwood)

How We Calculate A Loose Thrown Cord (180 Cu Ft) of West End Firewood (WEF):

We measure our cord-wood deliveries as a “loose-thrown” cord (180 cu ft). Our delivery trucks are capable of carrying 2 loose thrown cords (360 cu ft.). The trucks have a middle divider if customers are requesting 2 different types of firewood. A loose thrown cord should take up about 180 cubic feet (6.66 cubic yards or 5.1 cubic meters) of space as is. The idea is that, when stacked loosely**, the total volume would equal roughly 128 cubic feet (3.5 cubic meters), or the volume of a full cord. Note that the exact amount of solid wood in a cord will vary based on the size of each piece, but most cords of firewood average 85 cubic feet (2.4 cubic meters) of solid wood. The remaining volume is taken up by air. (reference: wikihow→)**WEF recommends stacking your wood loosely so that air can circulate between and keep dry. Never stack tightly. If stacking against a wall, leave space for circulation.