Depressed Dewey

Depressed Dewey 2016-05-05T18:30:56-04:00

Project Description

Do we use it? Compressed sawdust? What else is in there? Nothing is comparable to seasoned and kindred hardwood.  |  Reading through the stories of these other logs just makes me so… sad! I want to feel for these poor, abused pieces of wood. I want to help them and love them and cherish them in my heart of hearts. But I can’t! I mean, I’m not even a real log. I’m just a lump of compressed sawdust and other wood products. I’ve never known what it’s like to be cut straight from a tree, or to dry in a kiln, or to fall in love for the first time! And I’ll never do any of these things, because I’m just a lump of compressed sawdust. Woe is me! Nobody loves a sawdust log, and why should they? I’m ugly. I don’t burn as well. I’m just plain inferior! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!