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At West End Firewood, having enough inventories to supply you with quality, packaged firewood is always high on our priority list. Our large warehouse holds 180,000+ firewood packages which are palletized, tightly machine shrink-wrapped, and ready to be shipped to meet our customers needs in a timely manner. We consistently receive and maintain a large inventory of log-length timber, which is ready to be cut and split, and allows us to continuously restock our cut and split inventory.

Our large inventory allows us to systematically rotate from seasoned log length hardwood timber throughout the year.

Our location is convenient to less than 1/16th of a mile from a State highway with connections to other major State routes. Shipping and receiving product from our location is a dream for truckers. It’s easy in and out. Cherry pickers are available for offloading timber if a truck doesn’t have one.

Dedicated shipping staff load trailers and cord-wood trucks for expedient processing.

So… are you wondering why you don’t get that much firewood in your packages? We call that “Few Felicia“. It’s being kind of skimpy if you ask us. How can you have a quality campfire with as little as 3 or 4 pieces? (We’ve seen competitor packages with only 4 pieces). It begs to wonder… what are you getting for your money? Are your customers happy? When you package firewood with fat pieces of wood, often times there is no room for anything else. That’s a “Fat Fabio“.

Get a West End Firewood “Perfect Peter“.  Avoid a “Few Felicia” and “Fat Fabio“.

Click here to learn more about the “Dirty Dozen” firewood to avoid.

 Perfect Peter from West End Firewood - The Dirty Dozen  Few Felicia - West End Firewood - The Dirty Dozen  West End Firewood - The Dirty Dozen in Firewood - Fat Fabio
Odds & End Cord-Wood from West End Firewood

ODDS & END pieces are mixed hardwood types, seasoned, and kiln dried. Lengths vary and are inconsistent. Contains fragmented pieces, limb pieces, thick or thin uneven cuts. Variety is the spice of life here. These are pieces that did not make the “cut” to be included in our Hearth Warmer Packaged firewood product.

Air Dried Cord-Wood from West End Firewood

AIR DRIED wood has more consistent lengths around 16″. It is seasoned and left in the outdoors covered to air dry. There is more moisture content in air dried wood than kiln dried wood. Mixed hard wood.