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While supplies last!

Indicate on the order form that you want the Applewood barrel. Applewood is used to grill and smoke foods. Applewood is well-known for its delicious flavor due to its sweet, fruity taste.

Introducing WEF Barrels of Firewood.

West End Firewood Barrel Wood Pricing - Save Huge over Retail

Simply put – it’s the Best Firewood in the market – in a Barrel! 🙂

All wood has been seasoned.

Kiln Dried Barrel = $30* (This is the same select premium wood found in our Hearth Warmer packaged firewood – sold at many stores around New England. 16″ lengths of varying thicknesses to build an awesome campfire.)

Air Dried Barrel = $25* (16″ lengths of varying thicknesses)

*The Kiln and Air-Dried Barrels contain about 10 bundles of packaged firewood. West End Firewood Hearth Warmer Packages sold at various retail stores may cost anywhere from $5.99 – $7.99, or higher for 1 package. If you get a barrel of West End Firewood, you’re saving a lot!

Just stop by West End Firewood to pick up (WEEKDAYS ONLY from 7am-6pm.)
We encourage you to order here, so we can have barrels ready for you (see order form below).
(Barrels are NOT included.)
Unload the wood into your own vehicle, or someone from WEF will help you.
Cash sales only. Open Weekdays only, Monday through Friday, from 7am-6pm. Closed holidays observed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    Kiln-Dried Barrel = $30
    Air-Dried Barrel = $25
    Box of 50 Fire-starters = $10

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    > Click here for location/directions Follow Barrel “Arrow” signs once entering property.