Summer Sale on Cordwood!

For a limited time we are offering discounts on all of our cordwood products. Order now and save! We deliver throughout Massachusetts including to Boston and Worcester County. Order online or call us today for more information.

Kiln-Dried Barrel

Barrels of Firewood

Kiln-Dried Barrel of Firewood

The same premium firewood in our renowned "Hearth Warmer" packaged firewood.


$30.00 if purchasing 2+

Available for pickup 8am - 6pm, Monday - Friday!

There is no need to pre-order Barrel Firewood now. Simply stop by to pick-up. There will always be multiple barrels of Air-Dried and Kiln-Dried Firewood ready for you. We look forward to seeing you!

The same select premium wood found in our Hearth Warmer packaged firewood – sold at many stores around New England. 16″ lengths of varying thicknesses to build an awesome campfire.

The hardwood is kiln-dried to remove snow or rain, reduce internal moisture, and kill insects. All wood is seasoned. Certified Insect-free. Certified Heat Treatment by Massachusetts Dept. of Agricultural Resources. New York-Approved Heat-treated. USDA Certified.

(Barrels are not included. You load your own vehicle or truck. Help loading your vehicle is available for those that need assistance. There is no cost and we would be happy to help you.)

Barrel wood is NOT tumbled.

Tightly Packaed Barrel
Detail of Kiln-Dried Firewood