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Packaged Firewood

The Hearth Warmer Package of Firewood.

Introducing the renowned premium "Hearth Warmer" Package of Firewood from West End Firewood. There's truly nothing else like it. Kiln-dried and comprised of mixed hardwood types, with varying thicknesses and consistent 16" lengths, our firewood ignites easily and burns steadily.

We exclusively utilize premium hardwoods such as Maples, Oaks, Birches, and Ash. All wood is seasoned and Mass Certified Heat Treated (MDAR), with additional certification under NY standards.

Our wood is insect-free, tightly packed, and shrink-wrapped end-to-end to minimize moisture penetration.

Featuring a convenient carrying handle, our firewood bundles come in varying thicknesses to facilitate easy ignition and maintenance of a cozy fire.

All wood is sourced from select-cut Massachusetts forests, primarily managed by the Massachusetts DCR (Department of Conservation and Recreation), along with a few select private foresters.

"The Hearth Warmer" brand is stocked by numerous campgrounds, retailers, and supermarkets, who recognize its premium quality, abundant hardwood content, competitive pricing, and multitude of satisfied customers.

West End Firewood vs. the competition. Split Firewood. Consistency In Size and Length.
West End Firewood vs. the competition.
West End Firewood - “The HearthWarmer” Certified Heat Treatment.
West End Firewood - Perfect Peter - and the Dirty Dozen. Firewood to avoid buying.