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Loose Cord-wood Delivered Locally

(Cord-wood for consumers and businesses. Order form below after descriptions.)

We are not able to accommodate requests for “next day” or immediate deliveries.

We are unable to deliver partial cords. You may split a full cord-wood order with a next door neighbor, otherwise, our pricing is configured for full cord-wood orders only. (One drop location/One payment).

We always bring you “a little more” than a cord, so you are never shortchanged. Deliveries must be accessible by dump truck to an area you specify. You are responsible for stacking the firewood. With dump truck delivery, there will always be bark or fragments breaking off some firewood.

PLEASE NOTE: The primary business of West End Firewood is to manufacture “Packaged Firewood” for wholesale and retail businesses. Cord-wood delivery is secondary. We offer it to our customers who love the “Hearth Warmer” firewood packages sold in stores. Year-round we package firewood for Campgrounds and retail businesses. During our busy season of packaging, we begin to get many inquiries for cord-wood deliveries, especially early Fall. As the weather starts to get cooler, orders for cord-wood increase dramatically causing longer deliver times. We ask that you be patient while we process, schedule, and load your delivery. We try whenever possible to combine orders that are delivered relatively close to each other. Furthermore, we do that to reduce the time and any delivery costs to you. Our best advice if you are a consistent buyer of cord-wood each year is to plan ahead and order early.

In order to keep costs low – we are unable to accept credit cards. We accept cash or checks upon delivery.

    Odds & End Cord-Wood from West End Firewood

    *** Due to high campground use, o/e availability will vary. We will notify you upon a request/order of the current delay time frame. We apologize for any inconvenience. ***
    pieces are mixed hardwood types, seasoned, and kiln dried. Lengths vary and are inconsistent. WE DO NOT CLASSIFY THIS AS CORD-WOOD as it contains fragmented pieces, short, long, limb, thick, thin, uneven cuts, or partially split logs. Variety is the spice of life here. By our definition, these are defective pieces that did not make the "cut" to be included in our Hearth Warmer Packaged Firewood. If you are looking for consistent "cord-wood" length firewood pieces, please choose our other cord-wood types.
    [$250/per cord]

    Air Dried Cord-Wood from West End Firewood

    *** 7-10 days ***
    wood has more consistent lengths around 16". It is seasoned and left in the outdoors covered to air dry. There is more moisture content in air dried wood than kiln dried wood. Mixed hard wood types.
    [$375/per cord]

    Kiln Dried Cord-Wood from West End Firewood

    *** 1-2 weeks ***
    is the same as air dried but put through a kiln to dry and remove rainwater, snow, ice, and kill all insects. Seasoned hard wood. Low moisture content. Mixed hard wood types. Lengths are around 16". Thicknesses vary. These are the same hand-selected hardwood pieces in our retail packaged Hearth Warmer firewood product. It's the BEST you can get in kiln dried firewood, in bulk form.
    [$450/per cord]

    fire-starter sticks from West End Firewood

    FIRE-STARTER STICKS are the best hassle-free way to start a fire. Simply break in half and light the broken ends and place under kindling wood. They burn slow for many minutes, giving your kindling time to establish a continuous burn. How do we know? We have tested many fire-starters and determined these are excellent. We personally use them. Approximate size of sticks are 5.25" x .5" x .625"
    [$10/per box of 50 Fire-starters]

    What type of Cord Wood would you like to order? Enter QTY below check boxes (you can choose more than one type).
    Odds & Ends ($250/per cord) *** Request Availability ***
    Air Dried ($375/per cord) *** 7-10 days ***
    Kiln Dried ($450/per cord) *** 1-2 WEEK BACK ORDER ***
    Box of 50 Fire-starters ($10/per box)

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