Perfect Peter


West End Firewood. There is nothing like it. Seasoned. Kiln-Dried. Insect-Free. Quality packages. 12-way custom wood splitter. Hand-selected hardwood. Certified by USDA and MDAR. There, there, little logs, I am here to help you. While I may not be able to dry you out, expel your bugs and mold, or change your negative log images, I can [...]

Damp Daryl


Wood that is too damp to burn and not kiln-dried. Left unprotected in the rain. A sad soggy story. I was cut, stacked, and left to dry some--let me see--six, maybe eight months ago? It was autumn, la meilleure saison, my favorite time of ze year. But alas, ze warm breezes of septembre subsided into the cutting winds of [...]

Green Gretchen



Fresh off the tree and under seasoned. This wood will get hot eventually, but the show will be over by then.  |  Hi! I’m Gretchen! I’m a log and… and… and… I’m three years old! Three! I can count to three! One-two-three, pick me-me-me for your next campfire. That’s right--me, Gretchen! I’m ready for this, you know. I’m real [...]