Split Spencer

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Project Description

Is it 1 piece or 2? Too tough to separate. You’ll have to sacrifice the duo into the campfire.  | I’m Spencer. [And I’m Destina.] Sorry about that. I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist lately.
I thought it had gone away, but I guess I was wrong. [Let’s tell them what happened.] Okay, let me explain. I’m a normal guy, I swear. [With a fairly abnormal problem.] One day, while I was minding my own business, I felt an ax split me halfway. I thought it was just a physical injury at that point, but then I met… [Destina. His other self who was hidden for so long.]

You have no idea how hard this is for me. I was always a “normal” log with a “normal” family. I had lots of friends, a good job, everything a guy could want, but… [I wasn’t satisfied, yet I pretended to be happy with who I was. It turns out that’s the most dangerous thing for a log to do.]  

So when I had the accident, I started having moments… [when I’d forget who I was,] or at least who I was supposed to be. And unlike the Felicias, [those dear, silly things,] There wasn’t three of me, but one. Sometimes I’d start talking, and halfway through I’d say things I didn’t mean. [Or thought I didn’t mean.] My friends would stare at me. My sapling would cry. [Poor Soft Sophie. She meant well.] They thought I’d gone insane. [Who’s to say I ever was sane?] And one by one, all my friends… [The ones pretending to be my friends…] Quietly left me, alone with myself and my other self. [At least I finally got rid of Corrupt Colby.] So that’s why I’m begging you. Or at least asking politely. 

When you cut your wood, cut all the way. [Don’t decide to be done when a piece of wood has been cut only halfway.] Wood like me is hard to handle. [And even harder to get a separation.]