Infested Ingrid

Infested Ingrid 2016-05-05T18:35:04-04:00

Project Description

Bug infested because the wood was not heat treated to kill all insects. BFFL – Best Friends For Life.  |  What did you say? Infested? No, I’m not infested. It’s just a few bugs, that’s all. Everyone gets a few bugs–it’s perfectly natural. Why, when I was a youngin back in ‘37, there was a whole outbreak of bugs across town, and almost a hundred logs were chewed to bits. But survived and have been stronger for it. What’s that you say? Denial? Now why would a nice old log of my age be in denial about anything? Besides, I’ve lived with these bugs for years. I’ve even named them–Sammy and Tommy and Billy and Ralphie…where did Matty go? There’s Matty. Hello, Matty, how are you? Are you hungry? Have a bite to eat. There’s a good boy. See, it’s no infestation at all. These little guys are my best friends.