Few Felicia

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Project Description

Ever get a package that has only 3 or 4 pieces of firewood? Really? For a quality cozy campfire? Better buy two.  |

I’m Felicia./And I’m Felicia./And I’m Felicia, too. 

We wanted to talk to you/ all together because/we’re the few Felicia’s!

It might be a shock/for you to talk/with the three of us,

because most people/are used to talking to, like,/one person at a time. Haha!

So, anyway, / we’re here to tell you about / life as a trio. You know,

three logs, / three friends, / three sisters.

That’s why we’re sold / in a set of three instead of / a standard set with six or eight.

We’re special! / We’re unique! / We’re a bit annoying!

That’s so mean, Felicia. / How could you, Felicia. / Sorry, Felicias, but it’s true.

Well, ignoring the mean one, / we’re a great deal on wood. / “The Cheapest Bundle Around.”

Why would you get a big pack / when you could have us / quirks and arguments included.

Felicia! / How can you! / Just telling the truth, girls.