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Seasoning is a process in patience. We aren’t kidding. Like a good wine, we let our logs season and harden in the natural environment for almost a year before they are selected for the splitting process. Yes – we said selected. Not every log timber that comes to West End Firewood makes it to our final “Hearth Warmer” Package. We select certain logs based on:

  • Wood species
  • Girth to fit our cutting and 12-way splitting wedge processor
  • The “straight and narrow”
  • To be sure diseased, infested, or moldy don’t make the cut

We depend on healthy forests for our product, and making sure those forests are replenished. We work with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources that monitors our process and certifies our kiln efficiency through temperature probes to measure the heat level to kill all insects.

In 2006, we rebuilt our old kiln from scratch to be larger, more energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. Capacity has been increased by 50%. Adding this capacity allows us to fill more orders during the peak of the season, while increasing efficiency.

A wood-burning boiler was installed to allow us to use our own scrap wood for fuel. We are now able to use 100% of the logs we purchase, making the process more efficient and environmentally friendly. Wood is a renewable resource. By using our scrap and chip waste, nothing goes unused or discarded.

In 2016, we are adding yet another double-kiln. The work has begun laying the foundation and not before long, it will be connected to the same refuse/wood scrap furnace that we use for the first kiln, thereby increasing it’s efficiency even further.

Splitting the wood into more manageable pieces than our competitors results in our wood drying better in the same amount of kiln time. The result is a well-seasoned, high quality product.

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