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West End Firewood is committed to making the best quality package of firewood. To us, size really does matter. By our strict standards, a package of firewood should be about as high and as wide as an average outstretched hand. Our packages of firewood contain six or more pieces of firewood. The package is attractive in appearance, the hardwood is seasoned and kiln-dried, and is hand-selected with premium pieces. More important, it provides a longer lasting fire. A lot of effort has gone in to making a preium package of firewood at West End Firewood. Our high quality packages of firewood have been well-planned, and run through a time-tested system that we have been using for almost three decades. (We continually improve every process)

We could tell you more, but the proof is in the firewood from West End Firewood.

Give it a try. We’re sure you will agree that it is the best packaged firewood value you can offer your customers. And they’ll be back for more. If you are a retailer or campground and would like to see or test a package of our firewood product, please call or email us for a complimentary package. We challenge you to evaluate it against anything you are currently carrying. THAT is a BOLD statement, but that is how confident we are about the quality process we’ve developed through almost 3 decades of our custom built, multi-level, 12-way splitting wage, the custom built circulating kilns, all the way down to hand selecting the best firewood pieces. You will know it when you see it, open it, and light it on fire! (Gosh – it gives us tingles just talking about it!). Us, like Firewood? You better believe we LOVE it!

For us… it has to be PERFECT!

Get a West End Firewood “Perfect Peter”.

 Perfect Peter from West End Firewood - The Dirty Dozen

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