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Our unique splitter wedge splits the wood into an ideal size for packaging. Splitting the wood smaller means more pieces in each package, allowing the consumer to start the fire with a few pieces and then add more later, providing a longer burn time. The splitter wedge also shapes the wood into pieces that are easier to stack, which in turn allows for a tighter package that will not fall apart. A stretch wrap machine binds together fifty packages on a pallet in a crisscross formation that keeps the packages from falling off when opened. This method of wrapping makes our pallets tighter and more stable than those that are hand wrapped.

West End Firewood only uses Hard Wood. We don’t use any soft wood or wood from “unverified” sources. We work with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources. Sustainable sources of timber is important. Take a tree, plant a tree. We’ll never use any type of compressed hard wood products. Some firewood packagers include pieces of soft wood here and there to fill empty spots or to get rid of wood waste.

Get a West End Firewood “Perfect Peter”.

 Perfect Peter from West End Firewood - The Dirty Dozen