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There has been discussion about how fireplace wood is handled in terms of producing a product that is better for burning.

At West End Firewood, we do several things that help us to produce a better fireplace and campfire wood.

First – we cut wood at a consistent length and width. Using a custom 12-way splitter, nearly all of the split wood comes through in a consistent size. Of the few pieces that don’t make the “cut”, they are reused for fuel in our custom built kiln.

Second – all of our cut wood sits seasoned in large stocks in our yards. After a long period of time – they are transferred in large vented carts to the kiln.

Third – the wood is air dried in the kiln for several days at a high-temperature. Large fans circulate the air around the chambers and in between the wood to make sure the temperature is consistent throughout. This process effectively kills any insects, as well as remove a good portion of moisture. It’s important to leave a small percentage of moisture in the wood, as we have found through our decades of experience this helps keep the wood burning longer in a fireplace, providing consistent flame and comfort.

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