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There is a simple process behind our vision of a roaring fire that all starts with the proper preparation of the wood. By using custom engineered machines to cut the wood, there is more uniform packaging and each piece of wood is a consistent length, making for a tighter package so the wood does not fall out in the store. By using our unique and custom twelve-way splitter wedge, the log is split into a variety of smaller pieces of firewood. Smaller pieces of wood dry better, light easier, and burn better. We hand-select a variety of sized wood pieces so it’s easier to start and maintain the fire.

Have you ever tried lighting gigantic pieces of firewood? It’s just not easy to do. It’s actually downright frustrating. We’ve developed and designed a split multi-level, 12-way, splitting wedge which produces the perfect sizes to be used in fireplaces. We often get comments from customers about how easy our firewood is to use, to light, and maintain. New customers have tried competitors firewood. We get positive comments all the time and we’ve seen the “really” large pieces that our competitors fit into their packages. All we can wonder is “what were they thinking?“.

Get a West End Firewood “Perfect Peter”.

 Perfect Peter from West End Firewood - The Dirty Dozen